The Business Development Center (BDC) Department serves a critical role at a dealership. As the first point of contact with the customer in most cases, the BDC is the voice and face of the dealership. Therefore, it is crucial that you have an adequate number of team members in your BDC department and that they are properly trained to convert your leads to sales.
Our automotive BDC training solution is designed to optimize sales opportunities for your dealership in today’s digital age. Your BDC or Internet Sales team will learn the latest sales procedures and best practices that are essential to generating showroom traffic and converting leads to sales.
At AutoStaff, we will help you set up, optimize, recruit and train your BDC.
Key Objectives of BDC Agent Training:

  • Understanding today’s buyers
  • Master phone sales skills and handle phone and internet leads
  • Overcome customer objections and phone reluctancy
  • Know the words and phrases to use
  • Quality communication techniques using text and email that compel a response
  • Set and confirm solid appointments
  • Reconcile customer record into CRM
  • Get referrals and prospect households
  • Generate business through database mining
  • Understand the fundamentals of appointment setting, confirmation and preparation processes
  • Differentiate your dealership with proven processes and how to make them work
  • Develop better time management
  • Develop good customer service & follow up skills
  • Develop good daily habits & skills
  • Practice and role-play with real-life examples
Key Objectives of BDC Manager Training:
  • Build your BDC into a profit center
  • Conduct BDC structure and staffing
  • Customize email templates relevant to the customer’s inquire
  • Create business rules for automated and manual follow up
  • Create a turnover (T/O) process to minimize missed opportunities
  • Conduct individual & team evaluation: operating guidelines and performance metrics
  • Manage accountability: actively manage daily activities to drive results
  • Create pay plans that drive production and profit
  • Utilize database mining to generate sales opportunities
  • Develop leadership skills to support your team
Let AutoStaff help you hire, train and retain the talent you need to achieve your goals.