Work with us to eliminate the myths and misconceptions about leasing! Leasing is really just another way that a customer might choose to finance their vehicle. Before customers can be expected to understand leasing, your sales and leadership team need to have command of this important topic. The good news is it's easier than you think!
Let AutoStaff help you leverage leasing to help you increase sales, gross and customer retention.
Key Objectives:

  • Dispel myths and misconceptions about leasing
  • Have the ability to converse about leasing with total confidence
  • Understand lease versus buy
  • Know the questions and techniques to identify potential lease customers and how/when to present leasing
  • Professionally process objections and close the sale
  • Practice and role-play with real-life examples
All AutoStaff instructors have the most extensive lease training experience in the industry. It's time you take the cyclical nature out of the car business by incorporating leasing as a core business strategy for your organization. Let AutoStaff help you maximize your sales, gross and retention with leasing.