Need Salespeople? With over 30 years of automotive recruiting experience, AutoStaff will get you the right hires! Our recruiting solutions include the following and more:

  • Partnership with multiple major job boards and social media platforms for maximum exposure
  • “Preferred Recruiter” status with major job boards and continuous monitoring of job postings to ensure it’s always listed on the top for maximum efficiency
  • Compelling job postings that target qualified job seekers
  • Passive and active recruiting strategies (ex: Boolean keyword searches, resume harvesting, email blasts)
  • Live screening of candidates to verify the candidates’ skills, experiences and characters are a good fit with you and your dealership
  • Constant communication of the work and hour requirements of the position to the candidates and verify their availability
  • Guaranteed hires
In other words, we do all the heavy lifting for you so your managers can focus on sales. You’ve made the investment to get your dealership running and spent a significant amount to advertise for customers. Let AutoStaff help you get your dealership staffed, so they can assist in servicing your customers.