Are you in need to hire Service Advisors? Let us help!
Our recruiting solutions include the following and more:

  • Partnership with multiple major job boards and social media platforms for maximum exposure
  • “Preferred Recruiter” status with major job boards and continuous monitoring of job postings to ensure it’s always listed on the top for maximum efficiency
  • Compelling job postings that target qualified job seekers
  • Passive and active recruiting strategies (ex: Boolean keyword searches, resume harvesting, email blasts)
  • Screening of candidates to verify the candidates’ skills, experiences and characters are a good fit with you and your dealership
  • Gauge the candidates for their competency, professionalism and commitment to their job
  • Communicate and collaborate with the candidates and your designated hiring manager(s) to schedule phone and/or in-person interviews and coordinate calendar invitations and reminders.
AutoStaff is an automotive-specific recruiting and training company. We have helped many similar dealerships staff and train their staff. Let us help you staff your dealership!