Elaine Kong

Elaine first joined AutoStaff as an Assistant Recruiter. Being driven by a curiosity to join the business world and with the opportunity in hand, Elaine decided to take on a couple additional projects in other departments to help the company grow, eventually earning the promotion to an Executive Administrator. Fast forward a couple years, after proving her ability in managing different departments and with the expansion of the company, Elaine is now the COO of AutoStaff.

Some of the many projects that Elaine is involved with includes rebranding the company (from Dealer Solutions 360 and TK Worldwide to AutoStaff), writing and updating AutoStaff’s training manuals, handling bookkeeping and accounting, managing website and marketing, onboarding and payroll of team members, and system setups and customizations.

Elaine is a graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Her career background includes handling phone calls on automotive leases, human resources, and training and management. Coming from a background with a wealth of knowledge and experience from different departments and industries, Elaine’s next goal is to help AutoStaff become the top automotive recruiting and training company in the country.